Friday, 19 August 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 13 Tasks, Fights - 20th August 2016 Video

Posted by Romit Roy
Sunny Leone and Rannvijay singha's Love Based television reality show MTV Splitsvilla 9, where women rule reached to the very exciting point where after the entry of the wild card new contestants and ups and down's in the task two queens' Rajnandini and Kavya Khurana ruling the game show by their Power. Here is the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 13 of 20th August 2016 Video written updates.

Queens Rajnadini, Kavya with Hosts Rannvijay and Sunny Leone
It was the Task among the boys and girls to get the queens' throne and all the contestants in battleground perform their best to win the throne. Here is the Video Glimpse of the MTV Splitsvilla 9 episode 13 of 20th August 2016. Full Episode will be revealed right here.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 13 Tasks, Fights (20th August 2016) Video

  • It was Licktionary task Among the Contestants
  • Girls have to Guess the Drawings by Boys.
  • Boys have to choose the Girl who is weak in Villa
  • Selected Girl by Boys goes directly into Unsafe Dumping Ground
  • Boys voted maximum for Priya Haridas
  • Priya Haridas goes into Dumping Ground.
  • Nick (Nikhil) was not there in task, He goes directly into Dumping Ground
  • It was Love Triangle Task among the Boys and Girls (Balloons burst in task)
  • Have to complete fast Time Based Task to remain safe
  • Kavya doesn't look too happy after Mia's win big!

Keep watching MTV Splitsvilla 9 Every Saturday 7 PM on MTV India. Watch Splitsvilla 9 full Episode on Voot official site.

Also See - MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 Video Written Updates 13th August (when Friendship ruled)

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Friday, 12 August 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 Eliminations, 13th August 2016 Video

Posted by Romit Roy
Kavya Khurana crowned as new Queen in Last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 and now again it's going to happen the Elimination in Dumping Ground. The boys have a tough task this week and one special connection is at risk. Watch the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 Video Sneak Peek and Written Updates. Check out the Latest news of 13th August 2016 about love based reality show Splitsvilla 9 'Where Women Rule'. You can Watch or Download full HD episode from Official site.


Now MTV Splitsvilla 9 Queen going to dump one one boy each. Two connection in MTV Splitsvilla 9 will be Broken at the Same time, Sunny Leone revealed. Kavya Khurana as a Queen Tough time to decide to eliminate the Boys.

As usual it was the Fight and words war among the Splitsvilla 9 contestants. Have a look at MTV splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 Video Written Updates.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 (13th August 2016) Video Written Updates

  • Boys have to Sell out the Broken things (Tough Job)
  • Archie and Karan Khanna collected more Points and won Bech De Task
  • Archie and Karan Khanna are Safe
  • Varun Sood, Karan Chabra, Zain Abideen and Ayaan was Unsafe
  • It was Dumping Ground, Martina requested Evil queen Raj to save Varun.
  • Queen Kavya dumped Karan Chabdra
  • Rajnandini dislikes as she dumped Karan and broke connection with Shreeradhe
  • Evil Queen Raj takes revenge to Kavya and Dumped Varun Sood
  • Shreeradhe was crying and don't want to stay in villa without Karan
  • Two Brothes Zain Abideen and Ayaan are Safe
  • Gurmeet was crying as he lost his Strong friend Varun Sood
  • Book of Fortune Again Opened by Sunny Leone
  • As per the Book both the Queen can Overrule their Decision or Leave the Throne to Save the one of the Eliminated
  • Kavya Given up Throne for her Friend Martina Which touched Heart of Gurmeet (Kavya's Connection)
  • Now Varun Sood is Back in Villa.
  • Rajnandini also Decided to leave her throne to save Karan Chaabra (Shree's Connection)
  • Both the Queens are Down to the Ground
  • Later Book of Fortune Again Opened (As per the Early Rule)
  • As per the Book Both the Queens Rajnandnini and Kavya Khurana got her Throne Back.
  • Congratulations to Both Kavya and Raj for getting their Power Back.
  • Today Splitsvilla 9 Contestant shown True Friendship Power

Don't Miss MTV Splitsvilla 9 every Saturday 7 PM on MTV India Channel. Who is your favorite connection in villa. Mention in comment section.

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Friday, 5 August 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 11, Wild Card Entry 2 Boys 6th August 2016

Posted by Romit Roy
Again in MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 two new Wild Card Contestants Dashing Boys gets Direct Entry into the villa. Again it's gonna be the Game changer very challenging episode as new connection going to happen and new Queen of Splitsvilla 9 will be selected after the Power Packed task among the boys to make their princess winner. Two new Handsome Dashing Boys Zain Abideen and Ayan gets direct entry to the villa. Enjoy the Highlights of 6th August 2016 Episode.

Rajnandini on her Queen Throne - Splitsvilla 9
It was the Cat Fight between Kavya and Mia in villa. Boys shown their Skills in Dance, Acting physical fintess to impress the girls into the villa. Later it was the Task for the new Queen of Villa. Who will be the next Queen will be decided after the Task and is revealed in Video written Updates below.

Handsome Hunks Zain Abideen and Ayan gets Wild Card direct entry into MTV Splitsvilla 9.


On the other side Rajnandini is ruling the Game show on her Queen's Throne and Martina left her throne to save Varun Soon. It would be really interesting to see who turned out as new Splitsvilla Season 9 Queen.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 11 (6th August 2016) Video Written Updates

kavya raj
Kavya joins existing Queen Raj in MTV Splitsvilla 9

  • Two Wild Card Contestants Boys Zain Abideen and Ayaan gets Entry to Villa.
  • Kavya won the 1st semi-final! :O
  • Shreeradhe's squad made it through the 2nd semi-finals! :O
  • Kavya Vs Shreeradhe in Finale
  • Kavya Won Finale
  • Kavya Khurana becomes the New Queen of MTV Splitsvilla 9.

Don't Miss MTV Splitsvilla 9 every Saturday 7 PM on MTV India Television Channel.
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Friday, 29 July 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 10 of 30th July 2016, Nick Fights with Rajnandini

Posted by Romit Roy
In Last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 we have seen two new Wild Card Princesses Mia Lakra and Priya entered to the villa. Here is the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 10 Video Written Updates. See what happened on 30th July 2016 episode.


Nikhil Sachdeva Fights with Rajnandini and Raj turned Evil Queen on her Queen's Throne. She is Evil Queen and had no mercy, she confirmed. Moreover, Rajnandini and Martina both are the Queen and they both fight a lot as Raj has done cruel for everything. Evil Queen Rajnandini broke many connections in villa as some of them Have to leave Villa. First Queen Martina thinks Rajnandini taking wrong Advantage of her Throne.

Rajnandini Playing Evil Queen Along side with Martina. Yeah our second First queen Martina and Second Queen Raj are two distinct Characters of Villa. The merciless evil queen Rajnandini disrupt everything the Splitsvillans have worked hard for! Look how Contestants are Having emotional time.

Rajnandini teall Kavya to Plead in front of her and Martina got angry to her as she is not Behaving like the Good Queen. It was Solid Words War fight between Nick and Queen Rajnandini. Show host Rannvijay warned Nikhil for his behavior with Rajnandini.

Tune in at 7PM on Saturday to watch a nail-biting episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 10 (30th July 2016) Video Written Updates

  • All the Boys-Girls and Show ruling Queen Gathered in Villa
  • It was Lots of Emotional Hearth braking on Villa.
  • It was Power on Both the Queens' hand to Eliminate 1-1 boy
  • Martina Evicted Aditya
  • Aditya Singh Rajput Eliminated from Splitsvilla 9
  • Rajnandini Turned Evil Queen
  • She Try to broke Co-Queen's Connection
  • She Evicted Varun but later Martina took help of Book of Fortune
  • As per the book she has to leave the Queen's Throne to Save her Connection Varun Sood
  • Martina leaves Queen Throne to Save Varun Sood
  • Martina Showcased True Love
  • Now Rajnandini is the only Queen who is ruling the Game.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Meet the Very Talented Contestants of The Voice India Kids 2016 &TV

Posted by Romit Roy
Indian Version of The Voice Kids (TVIK) 2016 kick started on &TV Television Channel. Coaches Neeti Mohan, Shekhar and Shaan all set to hunt the Singing Talent in Kids. Here we Bring out the Contestants names of the Kids who are selected in Team Neeti Mohan, Team Shekhar Ravjiani and Team Shaan.


Auditions Episode Started it clearly shows the Hard work of team to find out the Real singing talent from every corner of the Country including small villages. They are very talented Children Contestants of Ages between 6 to 14 years. They are Small in Size but not in Talent. They proved they are born to Sing and the are very passionate Singers.

The Voice India Kids (TVIK) 2016 Selected Contestants Names (Teams)

Here is the List of Top Singer Contestants. Meet the Contestants who are Selected in Team Shekhar, Team Shaan and Team Neeti.
Riya (Team Shekhar)
Pooja (Team Shaan )
Shanmukha Priya (Team Shaan)
Dhroon (Team Shekhar)
Ayat (Team Neeti)
Pravasthi (Team Shaan)
Chetan (Team Shaan)
Shreya (Team Shekhar)
Neha Niharika (Team Neeti)
Ankita (Team Neeti)
Tejas (Team Neeti)
Contestants Names will be Updated here, by The Time. Stay Tuned !! Follow Official Site for the More Updates.
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Friday, 22 July 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 9 of 23rd July 2016, Eliminaton, Wild Card Entry

Posted by Romit Roy
MTV Aired Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha's love Based Television reality show already has it's First Queen Martina ruling the show by her Power and other Princesses trying out to get the Throne of Queen. In Last Episode we Have seen some of the Princesses were unsafe into the Dumping Zone. See MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 9 Video Written Updates of 23rd July 2016.


Again it was the Elimination time based on the Votes from Boys. One has to to Leave the Journey of MTV Splitsvilla 9 and interestingly two more Wild Card Princesses Gets entry into villa. Mia and one more Girls gets direct entry into villa. Shreeradhe was the First Wild Card Contestant and now two more Ladies gets entry into the love based show.

The girls in the dumping zone must find a way to impress Queen Martina and the wildcard princesses make their grand entry into the villa! Tune in at 7 PM on Saturday to find out who makes the cut!

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Video Written Updates (23rd July 2016, Episode 9)

Mayuri Das Eliminated, Rajnandini is the new Queen of Villa.

Rajnandini is new Queen - 2nd Queen of Villa

  • Martina decides to have some fun with the girls on their pool date! :O :P
  • The princesses dance to Martina’s tunes!
  • Rajnandini starts a cat fight with Kavya!
  • Martina slams Rajnandini as a worst dressed princess! :O
  • Martina dumped Mayuri! She dumped ‘Body Shaming’!
  • Myuri Das Eliminated from the Splitsvilla 9. She has power to announce 2nd Queen.
  • Mayuri to Crown the 2nd Queen
  • Rajnandini is the 2nd Queen! :D :O
  • It was ‘Hasi Toh Phasi’ task
  • Boys Tries to makes the Girls Laugh
  • Martina, Shreeradhe won a golden bracelet! :D

Watch MTV Splitsvilla 9 Full Episode 9 on Voot Online Streaming Website.

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Shaadi Boys Full Episode 1 Voot 22nd July 2016: Watch Online

Posted by Romit Roy
Voot Originals launched Their much awaited Web Series names 'Shaadi Boys'. It gives 100% Mentertainment. Shaddi Boys have three lead actors names Neil, Nitin and Mukesh. They are Crazy guys of town who used to talk by using slang words.

The show revolves around three boys and their hilarious journey during their first break in the Shaadi business. By a stroke of luck, they discovered the perfect place to 'showcase' their talent, make big bucks and score 'chicks'! These boys work with one simple mantra - 0% Investment and 100% Entertainment!

Shaadi Boys Promises lots of Fun, Entertainment with Mature Comedy and Talks. First Episode of Shaadi Boys Premiered on Voot Originals today and it went viral onto the Web by Hash tag. Watch Full Episode 1 of 22nd July 2016 Onlie.

Shaadi Boys Full Episode 1 (Voot Online Streaming) - Watch Online

Bachelors. Babes. A Grand Indian Wedding. Catch the madness that is Shaadi Boys. Adult Comedy Web Series with Mature Slang Words Punch lines. Watch the First Episode craziest Web Series.

Enjoy Shaadi Boys Episode 1 online on Voot Website or Voot Mobile App. Shaadi Boys Episode 2 will be Available very soon.

Shaadi Boys Episode 1, Watch Online on Voot
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