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MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 18, 22nd May Elimination, Twists

Posted by Romit Roy
Most Power Packed Television reality show MTV Roadies X4 now has the new Turn with lots of Drama, Emotions and Entertainment. It was the tough time for the Contestants as they had Amazing Dance, Fun Performances to stay immune. Neha Dhupia marked as Immune. Now its Time for the Elimination in the MTV Roadies X4 Episode 18 of 22nd May when its going to be Vote Out Process Again.
x4 gang
Roadies X4 Gang Riders
Show Host Gaelyn Mendonca revealed about the Twists of the next Elimination. It was The Survival Task among the Selected Roadies Contestants Yogesh from Team Prince, Karishma from Team Rannvijay and Shivangi from Team Karan Kundra. Karishma (Team Rannvijay) won the Task and marked as immune.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 18 Video Written Updates

Now the Show host discloses the MTV Roadies X4 Twist. The eliminated Roadies will now nominate a Roadie from their gang for the vote out! It would be Interesting to see who Gets Eliminates after the Lots of Conversation and Discussion in Roadies Vote Out of 22nd May.

Karishma recived Immunity on last day show she has the Power to nominate the one from Her Gang for the Vote Out. She named Hifsa for the Vote Out Process. Shivangi and Yogesh from Last day survival task failed and they were unsafe already. So it was Vote Out Process among the three Shivangi (Team Karan), Yogesh (Team Prince) and Hifsa (Team Rannvijay)

Vote Out Among 3 - Shivangi , Yogesh and Hifsa

Yogesh received maximum vote out requests and Eliminated from Show. Hats of to the Yogesh as he Nominated himself for Survival task and did sacrifice for his Team. Prince was Proud of his team and more attached with Yogesh. Yogesh won Heart of All the Gang Leaders and whole World as he is Unique who played for His team. It was really heart melting moments with Yogesh and whole team.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 18 Elimination on 22nd May - Yogesh (Team Prince) eliminated

Yogesh (Team Prince) Eliminated from Show

Next was the MTV Roadies X4 Task Time to stay Immune. It was Power Packed Thriller game among all the Four Teams. Prince Team won the Task and marked Team as Immune Safe.

Who Won Immunity Task ? - 

AMAZING! Simply amazing job by Navi! And with that Prince's gang has won won the immunity!

Later it was the Time based betting between unsafe Team of Rannvijay, Karan and Neha. Karan Stated to took challenge to complete the Task in 2 minutes 20 Seconds. Gaurav Started to complete the task.

Gaurav's finally finished the challenge! All thanks to the four gang members coming together to help him out!

Watch the Video Glimpse of the Episode. Full Episode 18 of MTV Roadies X4 available here on Voot. Don't Miss Roadies X4 Every Saturday-Sunday 7 PM on MTV India.

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Friday, 20 May 2016

Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 17 of 21st May

Posted by Romit Roy
In Last Episode of MTV Roadies X4, we have seen the Toughest vote out and at the end Two Gang Members evicted on the same day. It was Double Vote out and  Ocean (Team Neha Dhupia), Tarasha (Team Rannvijay) evicted from the show. Now The gang members are heading to Thimpu for a fantastic dance faceoff challenge along with their gang leaders and another vote out twist is on its way! Watch Full Episode 17 of 21st May with video written updates. Rannvijay, Neha, Karan and Prince also had gala time together and Fun Like Never Before.

All the Contestants are called to the Ground for Next Tasks of Entertainemnt and Fun with all together. All have to Perform in front of Thimpu people.

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 17 Video Written Updates (21st May 2016)

Contestants Started Practicing the Dances with Gang Leaders and Team Members. all Started with full of Energy to Win the Task. Public are the Judges for the Performers. Neha Dhupia and Gang Started their Dance moves. It was all about to Entertain the Audiences. Next Karan, Rannvijay and Prince Gang shown their Entertainer Tasks.

It was Lots of Fun, Entertainment, Drama on the Dance Floor. Contestants and Gang leaders had Amazing Dance Performances. It was sizzling hot Chikni Chameli Dance by Benafsa. Contestants rocked the Dance Floor and Later it was Announcement of the Unsafe Contestants After the Entertainer Tasks.

Later results Announced: Neha Dhupia Gang got Immunity as they won task.

Now it was the Twists as Gang Members have to find out the One strong contestant from their team who agreed to survive in task.  Yogesh from Team Prince, Karishma from Team Rannvijay and Shivangi from Team Karan Kundra decided to face the Survival Task.

Show host disclosed that One who longer stand from the three will win the Task and has the Power to win. On the other side Remaining team members have to convince their team member who are doing survival task to come out from the House First. Yogesh Came out First. It was task to stand longer into the Ice cube bucket.

Show Host Announced that Karishma (Team Rannvijay) won the Task.

Roadies X4 Host Gaelyn Mendonca Announced about the Internal Vote Out Process. Contestants have to nominate one from their Own Gang for the vote out. Again it was Serious Discussion among the Gang Leaders and the Contestants.

Watch 21st May, MTV Roadies X4 Episode 17 Video on YouTube

Tune in to Renault MTV Roadies X4 at 7 PM on Saturday and Sunday to find out what happens! You Can Enjoy MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 17 Here on Voot.

Also Enjoy - MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 16 when Vote Out Happend in Serious Discussions.

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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 16, 15th May Elimination

Posted by Romit Roy
In Last Episode 15 of Renault MTV Roadies X4 we have seen Contestants and Gang Leaders had tough time to win the Immunity Task on to the Battle Ground. Team Karan won the task and Finally Team Prince, Team Neha and Team Rannvijay performed the Survival task. Now its time for the Elimination based on the Survival Task Results and Vote Outs. Enjoy MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 16 with Video Written Updates and News.

After the Question Answers round and Cockroaches Task Roadies X4 host Show Host Disclosed the results and Team Neha Dhupia was Leading the Game, Team Rannvijay was next and Team Prince was at Last. Now Its Going to be Vote Out process among the Three Teams.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 16 (Video Written Updates) - 15th May 2016

It was Intelligent Questions Answers Round and for Losesrs it was Penalties of Cockroaches. Last Round of Question Answers was for the Gang Leaders Rannvijay, Neha and Prince. Rannvijay answered correct very quickly :) At the End of the Task it was Results. Rannvijay Team (6 Points), Neha Team (4 Points), Prince Team (0 Points). Karan Kundra's Gang Was Immune. Rannvijay has power to Immune 3 Gang members, Prince and Neha Gang has all unsafe in team. Rannvijay Saved Karishma, Hifsa and Rubal from his Team. Vote Out Process Started. Ocean (Neha's Team) received Maximum vote outs Against. Ocean Eliminated from Show.

Ocean - 10
Yogesh - 1
Tarasha - 4

Ocean also take one more Non-Immune Roadies to Home. Ocean has power to Disclose the name to whom he wants to take home along with. Ocean denied to use his power as he don't want to use His Power. But show host announced as its game and has rules he has to follow. It was heated debate between Gang Leaders during the Vote Outs.

Finally Ocean Named Tarasha (Team Rannvijay) for Elimination. So Two Members Ocean and Tarasha Evicted from show.

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 16 (15th May) Elimination / Vote Out - Ocean (Team Neha Dhupia), Tarasha (Team Rannvijay) Eliminated from Show.

Stay Tuned for the Full Episode of MTV Roadies X4. Have Look at Sneak Peek Video. You can Enjoy MTV Roadies X4 Episode 16 here on Official Site of Voot.

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Friday, 13 May 2016

Watch Online MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 15, 14th May

Posted by Romit Roy
In Last Episode of MTV Roadies X4 we have seen the Sunny From Prince Gang Eliminated from the show. Now Again its time for the Immunity task for the Gang Leaders as well as the Team Members. MTV Roadies X4 Team Gang Leaders Prince, Rannvijay, Karan, Neha have to Perform Immunity tasks along with the Contestants. Watch MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 15 with video written updates.

MTV Roadies X4 Gang Leaders will compete along side with the Contestants. It was Task of Cockroaches when Team leaders and members have to face the fear of it and have complete the task. Later it was Immunity task to collect water from near by river.

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 15, Video Written Updates (14th May):

Show Host explained everyone about the Immunity task. It was Task for all the Teams of Prince, Rannvijay, Neha and Karan. It is Game into Four Phase. All the Four Team Contestants have to collect water into bamboo Skirt Given to them. Collected water will be given to the next member's bucket. That person who collects water into bucket have to deliver it to another members' Bucket. Later have to Pass it through the Long Bamboo wood. Later Fourth Member of the Gang have to Throw the water over to the Send Board to Crack the Hindi Message written over it.

Show host disclosed that Gang Leaders also going to Perform the task along with their team members. One who Stands First will get the Immunity. Second Team will get Benefit to save Two Contestants from Team. Team which stands Third will get the Benefit to save one from their team. It was difficult for members to Decode the Dialogue from the message give on board.

All the contestants Started. It was Entertainer and Thriller Task of Immunity. Kavya from Team Karan leave the show because of Injury. Karan Kundra Gang won Immunity and marked themselves as SAFE. Shivangi is Back in Karan's Gang.

Show host disclosed about the Survival task. Rannvijay, Prince and Neha came to perform the task. Host asked 15 questions to everyone. One who gives wrong answer have to face the painful task. It was Cockroaches Breakfast task. Yeah, Cockroaches putted in pipe. Two have to set against each other. They have to blow Air from Mouth and forces Cockroaches on another side.

Gaelyn Mendonca later comes up with the Results.

Rannvijay Singha's Gang -2
Prince Narula's Gang - 0
Neha Dhupia's Gang - 3

Stay Tuned for MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 15. Have a look at Sneak Peek Video of 14th May 2016 Episode when roadies Started as real Game of Emotions, Love, Action and Game Plans. Based on the Immunity Task it was Vote Out Process. Show Host Also Announced that Eliminated one take one more non-immune contestant to home.

Watch MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 15 of 14th May Here on Voot. Stay Tuned for Awesome Powerpacked Episode with video Written Updates.
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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Watch Online MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 14, 8th May Eliminations

Posted by Romit Roy
In Last Episode of MTV Roadies X4 we have seen all the Roadies X4 team moved to Bhutan and had amazing time in First Task where contestants have to do Pillow Fight. They compete with each other and finally Team Prince-Rannvijay together won the task and Stayed Immune from the Elimination (Vote-Out).

roadies x4 wrestling

Now its going to be the Bhutani Wrestling between the Team Karan Kundra and Team Neha Dhupia. Based on the Tasks results both the team have to face the Elimination or next vote out process. Who gets eliminates from the show and who secure place longer into the Roadies x4 would be interesting to see for all of us.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 14 Video Written Updates - 

Last Time Gang (Prince-Rannvijay) who won the game are Now Against each other. It was Tough Competition between the Rannvijay and Prince Gang. Contestants have to fight in wrestling pit. All the contestants given the Bhutanis wrestling.

It was Edge of Seat Thriller Power Packed Wrestling Fight between Rubal (Team Rannvijay) and Yogesh (Team Prince). They have to Capture their laughing face while the task. However Yogesh faced Several Penalties because of Several Mistakes he did. Host announced Results.

Yogesh - Registered 4 Photos
Rubal - Registered 1 Photo

Because of 6 Penalties Yogesh came down at the -2 and Rubal Stayed at one So Team Rannvijay Won the Task. Later It was the Vote Out from the Team Karan-Neha and Prince.

Vote outs - Sunny, Kavya and Ocean are the Three contestants voted out maximum have to Go Home

Later Show Host Disclosed Biggest Surprise as Only one going to Go Home Tonight. It was Further Vote Out Process among the Three Sorted Out Contestants. Finally Sunny Received Maximum 6 Votes and Gets Eliminated.

It was the Toughest Vote Out process for the contestants and everyone wants to stay long into villa. It was very touchy and emotion time in Roadies x4 Episode 14 when sunny evicted from show.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 14 (8th May Elimination) - Sunny  Eliminated From Roadies X4

Watch MTV Roadies X4 Episode 14 of 8th May here.

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Friday, 6 May 2016

Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 13. 7th May Tasks

Posted by Romit Roy
In Last Episode of MTV Roadies X4 We have seen Tej and Balraj from Team Rannvijay and Team Karan evicted. Later two new Entries Benafsa and Manasvi, who got direct entry in Roadies from Battle Ground entered to the show. Benafsa impressed more and managed to secure her place into villa. Watch  MTV Roadies x4 Full Episode 13 with video written updates.
rdx4 host

Later Other Contestant 'Manasvi' has to face the Challenge with unsafe contestant Divya who got second chance as Surprise. Now they both performed Roadies Maze cube task. Finally Divya managed to complete the task faster and got re entry into Neha's Gang. Now Roadies Gang moved to Bhutan for further Tasks and more to explore in Roadies x4 Season.

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 13 (7th May 2016) Video Written Updates

Show Host Gaelyn Mendonca introduced about new Task "Bhutani Wrestling" where contestants have to give their best to stay immune from further vote out.

Contestants from all the Teams had Pillow Fight at the Certain Height from the Ground. It was Game between (Team Karan-Neha) and (Team Prince-Rannvijay). Contestants have to hit on each others face and meanwhile they have to balance themselves at Certain Height. Two Member's from each other's team came one by one for Pillow fight and Proved better.

Battle Ground entrant Winner Benafsha picks Karan's team! Gaelyn explains the rules of the pillow fight! Contestant from both the Teams (Team Karan-Neha) and (Team Prince-Rannvijay) arrived to face the tough Task.

Gaurav and Rubal - Gaurav has taken the lead! Rubal gets hit multiple times. Rubal lost the task.
Divya and Anamika - Divya gets whacked pretty badly. It was game between EPIC between Divya and Anamika! Divya falls.
Satish and Yogesh - Satish is putting up a great fight against Yogesh! Yogesh Wins. Later Benafsha played against Karishma!
Benafsha and Karishma - Karishma loses steam and her balance! :O
Ocean and Navdeesh performed up next. Ocean loses! :O

Rannvijay and Prince's gangs are only 1 step closer to immunity!

Rannvijay Singh and Prince impressed with the work and Thrill of Roadies X4 Contestants.

Watch Video Snippet. Full Episode 13 of 7th May will be Updated here.

Watch Online - MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 13 of 7th May 2016
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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Auditions Registration Form, Date Time, Venue

Posted by Romit Roy
After the Successful run of MTV Splitsvilla 8, Most loved Television Reality show on MTV India channel its time for one more season. Yeah, MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 Auditions Registrations Process Kick Started. This show is about young girls and boys and  how they try to stay in Splitsvilla that is ‘Villa ‘ as long as they can from other. The boy and girl who will stay for last will will be the winner of this reality show.

If you Feels you are Passionate about the show and have ability to prove yourself then you can be a Part of the Show MTV Splitsvilla 9.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Auditions Registration Fomr, Date Time (Apply Online)


MTV Splitsvilla 9 Auditions Comprises of various Steps including Human (Girl, Boy) test in various conditions of stress and challenges. Because there will be Several Challenges Participants have to face throughout their Journey of Season.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Registration Form, Audition Date, Venue - Revealed soon

There will be Online Registration form fill up process for MTV Splitsvilla 9. Stay Tuned for more Updates.

Auditions might follow the record Video Process, where Aspirants have to tell about themselves and Record Small Honest Video. What is the Actual Process for Audition will be out soon. Stay Tuned.

Last Season host Sunny Leone Confirmed to Host Splitsvilla 9 as well. It would be Great to see this Hottie Again as Anchoring the show.

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