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Direct Entry to MTV Roadies X4, Send Video and Team Details

Posted by Romit Roy
If you Couldn’t clear the Roadies X4 GD’s or the Personal Interview Round? Here’s your last chance to be a Roadie! Its all with Roadies Battle Ground. Here is the Special Chance of Shortcut you can have. IF you Couldn’t make it through the auditions? This is your last chance to get a direct entry to roadies x4

Roadies X4

Yo can Directly connect via Facebook, then fill in your information in the form below and make sure the details which you submit are accurate and final. Remember to enter correct details, as that could be the small difference between you getting selected or not. You need to form a team of 2: one boy & one girl, and fill their names in the form below. If your team does not abide to this requirement you will be disqualified.

Team Name, Team Photo, Your and Partner's Name, Phone, Email, Photo and fb link. Follow the Official link below for Registration to be part of Roadies. You can Send Video to get Direct Entry via the Battle Ground.


Task 1 - Introduce Your Team

Form a team of 2 jisme ek ladka aur ek ladki hona zaroori hain.
Introduce yourself with a video that proves, ki tum baaki saare contestants se alag ho. Don't make it boring instead go as wild as you can and submit your video here. Last day of submission is 21st December.

Task 2 - Flashmob Dance

Your first task on Roadies Battleground is to cross dress and start a flashmob in a public area. But, it doesn’t simply end there. You have to get 5 of your friends to join you in the flashmob dance as well.
Record your performance in a video along with reactions from the members of the audience and submit your video here.
Last day of submission is 21st December.

About Roadies X4 Battle Ground Direct Entry

Didn’t get selected in Roadies through Auditions? Always aspired to be a Roadie but failed to impress the judges, or were you simply tired of the gruelling group discussions? Well, this is the last chance you get to fulfil your dream of becoming a Roadie.

This time around, Renault and MTV present to you Roadies Battleground where the game gets tough and the going gets tougher. In this year of Roadies Battleground, you will face ruthless competitors trying to get a place in Roadies X4 and merciless tasks which will make you give up from the very beginning.

But we know you still want to be a Roadie. So here’s what you do:

.Form a team of two which consists of one guy and one girl
.Create a video introducing you and your teammate
.Upload it on YouTube and share the YouTube URL with us on this website

Once you have submitted the video get as many friends you can to vote for you, because 50% of your selection is based on public votes and the remaining 50% depends on the judges considering you suitable for the show

The introduction videos and all task videos have to be uploaded on YouTube and you have to submit the YouTube link on this website. Remember, this is just the beginning.


Q. How do I register for Roadies Battleground 8?
If your nationality is Indian and you are 18 years of age, you can register through the following steps:
1. Log onto www.mtvindia.com/rbg
2. Login with Facebook Connect. Once you login, you will be re-directed to the registration page. Please fill in or verify all your details.
3. You will have to choose one team members who has to be of the opposite sex.
4. After verifying your details hit the Submit button to complete the registration.
5. You will be automatically redirected to the Tasks page where you will read your first audition task and intro task.

Q. I want to change my team member or wish to upload another team photograph?
Once you fill up the registration form and submit it, you will not be able to alter your team details or change your photograph.

Q. Why do I need to add a team photograph?
A team photograph is like a team identity. It will help in the shortlisting of team and also prove dedication and competitiveness in your participation during the program.

Q. That's it?! Isn't there anything else I can do to better my chances?
Create compelling and creative videos that add a distinct flavour to your team's personality. Make sure you stand out and follow the task instructions accurately. Watch the videos of other teams to gauge your competition, so you can perform better.

Q. How do I upload my task video?
Once you've finished editing your video you're ready to upload it on Youtube.com or directly on our website.
Follow these simple instructions to upload your video on YouTube:
1. Click the Upload link at the top of any YouTube page.
2. Click the "Browse" button to browse for the video file you'd like to upload to our site. Select the file you want to upload.
3. Click the 'Upload Video' button to start the uploading process.
4. As the video file is uploading, enter as much information about your video as possible in the relevant fields (including Title, Description, Tags, and Category). You're not required to provide specific information, but the more information you include, the easier it is for users to find your video!
5. Click the 'Save changes' button to save the updates you've made to the video file.
Once you have finished uploading the video, copy the YouTube url. Now visit the RBG5 website and click on the task page. Go to the task for which you have created a video and simply paste your YouTube video url in the space given.

Q. Now what can I do to increase my chances of getting shortlisted?
Make creative and engaging videos. Stand out in a crowd. Get your friends to vote for your video by sharing it on your Facebook Profile and other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest etc. The more votes you get; higher the chance of winning Roadies Battleground.

Q. I have submitted my Task Video but it's not showing in my Team Profile?
Your video will display once it's been moderated and approved. To avoid delays in collecting votes submit your videos as early as possible. So that after the approval you have enough time to collect votes for your task.

Q. None of the questions I wanted to ask have been answered here. What do I do now?
Write in to rbg@mtvindia.com with your questions. We'll definitely answer them. 


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