Saturday, 20 February 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Delhi Auditions: Full Episode 1, 20th February

Posted by Romit Roy
Show Started with Introductory conversation with Show judges. New judges Neha Dhupia and Sushil Kumar Introduced each other. Later Rannvijay and Karan Kundra joined them and Rannvijay explaind new judges how they have to select the Candidates. It was Entertainer Conversation among all. First day Episode was about the Delhi Auditions when Thousands of Delhi People remained Present to be Roadies.

All the Judges entered in front of all the present Contestants. Judges introduced themselves and told about their choices of contestants. Later it was the Group Discussions. It was difficult for Jury to find the best. Next day it was the One by one Lucky contestants needs to meet the Gang Leaders.

Girls and Boys introduced themselves and Interacted at Very Peak level to All the judges. Bharti was the one of the Interesting and Inspirational Girl of the Season. Who Rock the Stage by her impressive and Confident talks. It was Emotional Moments on the floor. Later Rannvijay Asked Bharti about the Seriousness about the Roadies X4. Karan Kundra and Sushil Kumar Selected that Girl and Later. She needs to Select the one. She selected Sushil Kumar who was from Her Area. She was the First Selected Contestant. See Full Episode below to know what Happened next.

First Episode Snippet for Contestant Selections.

  • Bharti was Selected by Karan Kundra and Sushil Kumar and she selected Sushil's Team
  • Vikas Was not selected because of Over Attitude
  • Next Was Rubal Selected by all the Judges. He Selected Rannvijay's Team.
  • Subhpreet was next. She Entertained all but not Selected
  • Athlete Body Builder Karishma Impressed by her Performance. She told her Break up story and Later Judge Neha Dhupia also spoke in Front of Camera that She also Ran lot after her First Breakup. Neha and Rannvijay selected her. Karishma selected Rannvijay's Gang.
  • Anseela was the next. It was Little Conversation with her.

As the new season begins, the four gang leaders are on a hunt to find the best candidates for their gangs. Watch them find a few interesting aspirants at the MTV Hero Roadies X4 Delhi Auditions