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MTV Roadies X4 Episode 3 Chandigarh Auditions 5th March 2016

Posted by Romit Roy
Its just two Episodes completed of Roadies X4 and judges done with only Delhi Auditions. Now Roadies X4 Chandigarh Auditions kick started and Talented judges meet very interesting Contestants like never before. Neha, Karan, Rannvijay and Sushil tried their best to Select among the Roadies Season 13 Aspirants.

All the Four Judges Selected Contestants from Delhi and now its time to Hunt Roadies Deserved Participants. Here is the Sneak Peeks of the Roadies X4 Episodes where you can meet the Interesting Contestants of Chandigarh for the Season 2016. Catch all the action and drama that ensued at the Roadies X4 Chandigarh Auditions.

It Was Auditions in Chandigarh where Lots of Aspirants there to be a Roadies. Judges Started the Interviews for the Contestants. Thousands of Contestants Passed the Personal Interview and Later Rannvijay and team gave Lucky Passes to the Some of the Contestants.

Navdeesh entered First. He Was Civil Engineer. He Shown some of her Dance and Stunt Skills. He Entertained Judges. Later Rannvijay asked him to do Single Leg Sits Ups. He did by more effort. Later it was Funny test among the Karan and Navdeesh, when Judges Rolled out Laughing on the floor. It was Little Discussion and Later. Sushil Kumar Selected Navdeesh.

Next Was Gaurav who failed to Impress the Judges in Earlier Season and Back with lots of Preparation. Sushil Impressed with his Preparation and Later Judges asked him to do Sits up and Push Ups. Rannvijay Impressed with his job on Physical Tests. Later Sushil, Neha and Karan Selected him. Gaurav Selected Karan Kundra's Gang.

Next Was Kandeel Gupta. He has awkward Personality and that is why judges fails to Impress Judges and No one Selected in his team.

Later Shivangi Entered for the Auditions. She is Doing Mass Communication and Very well connected to the Social activities and she shown her Passion to be a Roadies. Later Judges Asked her several questions but she fails to answers the common question on Countries. Karan Kundra selected Shivangi in her Gang.

Next was Satish. He Shocked all the Judges by Physical Stunts and Entertainment Along side. He Shown real passion to the Judges. He was real Passionate guy. He wants to remove poverty from Delhi. He keeps himself Motivated and keeps other motivated. None of the Judges selected her first time as they already have one same Personality Person in Gang and later Judges think on that person and Called him back as per the request of all the Four Judges. All the Judges Played Buzzer for him and judges liked his Never Say Die Attitude. Satish finally selected Neha Dhupia's Gang.

It was Entertainer Episode of the Season X4. Watch full Episode how Contestants impressed the Judges and how selection happened further.

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 3 with Video Written updates. Keep Tuning to us. Thanks !!



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