Thursday, 10 March 2016

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 4 Pune & Chandigarh Auditions, 12th March 2016

Posted by Romit Roy
After the Successful Auditions in Delhi, Chandigarh Auditions Kick Started Last week and Judges Selected the Deserved Roadies Contestants in Their Gangs. All the Four Judges have the Deserved Contestants in their Gang and Roadies Season X4 going to be Bigger Like Never Before with Lots Of Thrills. Fans Always Loves to Watch the Auditions.

This Week on Roadies X4 Episode 4 Chandigarh and Pune Auditions Going to Happen when Sushil Kumar Spotted Lost Her calm and Finally onto the Action. Rannvijay, Karan and Sushil Started making more and more tough for the Roadies X4 Contestants.

Sabby & Priyanka came First To gave their Auditions. First Rannvijay sent Sabby outside and Asked questions about her to Priyanka and given 2 minutes to tell about her. Later Rannvijay called Sabby, Asked the Question to Sabby what Priyanka Highlighted. Unfortunately Sabby revealed none of the things is correct. It created trouble in Understandings in Friendship. Later Rannvijay asked Sabby about Priyanka. So it was Cross Questions Answers as only one gonna be selected based on rules. Later Rannvijay gave few minutes to both to show here Talent. They selected to Dance on the 'Chikni Chameli' song. Both Danced Very Well. Later it was Physical test for both, Priyanka did very well. Sabby and Priyanka both were rejected by Judges.

Later One by One Contestants came into to Gave their Best Auditions Performances in Front of Judges. Here is the List of Selected Candidates who meets judges criteria and Requirements to be a Roadies.

Karan Kundra's Team (Selection in Pune Auditions)

Neha Dhupia's Team (Selection in Pune Auditions)

Rannvijay Singha's Team (Selection in Pune Auditions)

Sushil Kumar's Team (Selection in Pune Auditions)

Enjoy MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode of Pune Auditions on 12th March.



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