Sunday, 24 April 2016

Mahamedhaa, Bharti Eliminated during Second Vote out in Roadies X4

Posted by Romit Roy
It was Roadies Second Vote Out Process on 23rd April Episode 10 and it was the Power Packed Task between the Two Unsafe Teams (Prince, Karan). Gaurav from Team Karan and Navdeesh from team Prince came onto the Ground and Later Navdeesh and Prince Completed faster and marked himself immune from elimination.
bharti mahamedhaa
Bharti-Mahamedhaa Evicted during Second Vote Out
Show Host Later announced the Vote Out Process. Where Prince Narula and Karan Kundra had the Choice to Save their favorite Contestants by doing self elimination or have to face the tough Vote out process. Prince leave it to the normal process but Karan took wise decision and eliminated Mahamedhaa from show.

Later Prince has to face the Vote Out process from among the other contestants. Bharti Received Maximum vote outs requests and Evicted from the show.

It Was Double Elimination. So Finally Bharti (Team Prince) and Mahamedhaa (Team Karan) Eliminated from the Roadies X4.



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