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Roadies X4 Contestants Names List in Each Gang Leader Team

Posted by Romit Roy
After the Power Packed Roadies Season X4 Auditions Judges Selected some of the Contestants in their Team. Later it was Further Tests of Strength in Selected 30 Contestants of Roadies. Gang Leaders announced to make the List of 20 Contestants so each team have 5 in Gang. Also It was Battle Ground Entry where Contestants got direct entry after the auditions to prove themselves.
Gang Leaders Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Karan Kundra (Left to Right)
See the List of Selected Contestants of Roadies X4 in Rannvijay Singha, Karan Kundra, Neha Dhupia and Sushil Kumar's Gang. Unfortunately Sushil Kumar left the show because of Olympic game and Roadies X2 and Bigg Boss 9 winner Prince Narula took His place to ride the Gang of him.

Sushil Kumar's Gang (Contestants Names) - Now Prince is Gang Leader

1) Bharti (Delhi Auditions)
2) Navdeesh (Chandigarh Auditions)
3) Yogesh (Pune Auditions)
4) Anamika (Lucknow Auditions)
5) Sunny (Lucknow Auditions)

Rannvijay Singha's Gang (Contestants Names)

1) Rubal (Delhi Auditions)
2) Karishma (Delhi Auditions)
3) Tarasha (Delhi Auditions)
4) Tej (Pune Auditions)
5) Hifsa (Lucknow Auditions)

Neha Dhupia's Gang (Contestants Names)

1) Anseela (Delhi Auditions)
2) Divya (Delhi Auditions)
3) Satish (Chandigarh Auditions)
4) Rohan (Pune Auditions)
5) Ocean (Lucknow Auditions)

Karan Kundra's Gang (Contestants Names)

1) Kavya (Delhi Auditions)
2) Mahamedhaa (Delhi Auditions)
3) Gurav (Chandigarh Auditions)
4) Balraj (Pune Auditions)
5) Saad (Lucknow Auditions)

Later It was Roadies Battleground entry, Benafsa and Manshvi selected from Roadies x4 Battleground. Prince Narula Joined the Roadies X4 show when the Journey Begins, Episode was aired on 2nd April. It Was Suprising that this time Rannvijay applied on Ladies Power as he Has the 3 Girls and 2 boys in Team.

Roadies Journey from Bengal to Bhutan gonna be Amazing like never before. Stay Tuned to catch more Awesome Buzz.



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