Saturday, 9 April 2016

Roadies X4 First Vote Out, Rohan Pillai Evicted from Show

Posted by Romit Roy
Roadies X4 Episode 8 of 9th April Started with the Maths Game with Physical Tests. Contestants set to Prove their Physical and Mental Strength. After the Lots of Tough Competition among all the Gang Leader's Team Contestants, Rubal Managed to win the Game by Proving His Physical + Mental Strength. Later it was the Vote Out For the 11 Sorted out Unsafe Contestants from All the Teams except Karan's Team who remained Safe as they won the First Task in Last Episode 7


Karan Kundra Gave is Power To Neha Dhupia to Save one of the Favorite Contestant of her Team. Neha Saved Satish so Finally 10 Contestants remained and One Going to End the Roadies X4 Journey. Neha Dhupia's Contestant Rohan has More connection out side the team and which created negative atmosphere on the show. Rohan’s connection left him in trouble on the show. All the Contestants Started Vote Out for Each Other by Their 2 Votes.

Ocean got 3 Vote Out, Sunny got 2, Yogesh Got 1 Vote Out Request, Hifsa Got 6 Vote Out Request and Rohan Received Maximum 8 Vote Out Request from other Buddies.

Hifsa was almost voted out from the show but somehow she managed to stay in the show. The vote out was very closed while Rohon got 8 votes and Hifsa got 6 vote. Hifsa will need immunity on coming days because it is a negative sign for her.

Neha Dhupia's Gang Contestant Rohan Pillai Eliminated by Maximum Vote Outs. Neha felt Very bad and Started Crying as she lost Strong Contestant in Her Gang.



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