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Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 10, 23rd April

Posted by Romit Roy
In Journey of Bengal to Bhutan we have see the Power Packed Test of Gang Riders and Contestants in their team in Kabaddi and Puchka Task. Roadies is a reality show that showcases the drive, ambitions and aspirations of India’s youth. This journey is not about being on the road but about finding oneself along the way as contestants battle it out for the top spot. Enjoy MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 10 of 23rd April with Video Written updates below.

Karan Kundra Perfomred in Renult Duster with his Contestant to complete the Task and Later Prince Started with his Part. It was immunity Task to stay immune on the Game. Navdeesh from Team Prince and Gaurav from Team Karan played hard to complete this time based immunity task.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 10, Video Written Updates (23rd April):

In Last Episode Gaurav from Team Karan Performed in Survival Task and Now Navdeesh from Prince Narula's Gang Started doing the Same Task. Prince and Navdeesh Started Doing very fast to collect more Water than Gaurav. Now its time to check the Results of Both.

It was 3 Seconds Time Difference between both Gaurav (Team Karan) and Navdeesh (Team Prince)

Gaurav (Team Karan) took - 3 m 45 Sec
Navdeesh (Team Prince) took - 3 m 42 sec

So Prince and His Gang Member Navdeesh Completed Faster and Navdeesh Has been immune. So other Contestants going for Vote Out Zone. Prince has Power to Save One more During Vote Out. Prince Saved Sunny from His Gang.

Show Host Gaelyn Mendonca declared that Its gonna be Double Vote-outs or 2 Eliminations from the Roadies X4 on Episode 10. So it was really Tough time for Gang riders and Contestants. Rohan Eliminated first from Neha's Gang and now it would be Interesting to see who leaves the MTV Roadies Journey.

Second Vote Out (Elimination) -

So Prince and Sunny Are Immune in Second Vote Out. 2 Roadies Going to Go Home as it is Double Elimination. Just like the first Vote Out all the Contestants started giving votes to whom they don't want to see in show.

Host Announced  one more option before Results that Gang Leader can save Strongest Player or Can have to face Double Elimination in their Team. Elimination have to be on Pince and Karan Gang. So it may chance that Either 2 Contestants goes home from Prince or Karan's Gang. It might chance that Both Prince and Karan Face One Elimination.

Karan Selected to do Elimination by Himself and Eliminated Mahamedhaa from His Team

Prince Didn't Used His Power and leave it on Vote Out Results.
Bharti -5 (vote outs, Reached to Maximum)

So Bharti (Team Prince) Evicted from Roadies X4.

So Mahamedhaa and Bharti Evicted from Roadies X4.

Enjoy the MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 10, Right below


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