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Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 11, 30th April

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After the Second Vote Out Double Elimination in Power Packed Journey of MTV Roadies X4 its time for one more Immunity task and vote outs. Contestants from Team Prince, Team Neha, Team Karan and Team Rannvijay all set to collect the Entertainer Immunity task where they have to collect Elephant dung in bucket. enjoy MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 11 with Video Written updates.

The one who collects more Elephant poop going to get immune. It became more fun loving task when some of the contestants had good attachment with dung and some are gets smashed over faces. It would be Interesting to see which Gang will win this Shitty task. Also There is a huge surprise after this elephant dung task.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 11 Video Written Updates (30th April 2016) -

Show Host Announced about the Elephant Poop task where contestants have to collect dung. From Neha Dhupia's Gang Ocean, Satish and Divya, From Rannvijay's Gang Tarasha, Tej and Rubal
Navdeesh, Sunny and Yogesh came from Prince's Gang to Perform the Elephant Lung Task.

After the Task it time to calculate the Weight of Collected dung by each team.
Neha's Gang Collected 42 KG Dung
Karan's Gang Collected - 40 KG Dung
Rannvijay's Team Collected - 27 KG Dung
Prince's Gang Collected - 61 KG Dung

Now its Time for Vote Out / Elimination After Shitty Task in Roadies X4. Prince's Gang was Immune as they won the Task. Later Host Announced that Tonight its Gonna be Triple Vote Out. So Elimination going to happen from Team Karan, Rannvijay and Neha. All the Gang Leaders has given power to Immune Someone from his team. Rannvijay Saved Rubal, Neha Saved Satish. Karan Saved Gaurav by other Team Contestants' Suggestion.

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 12 Watch Online - 30th April

Later it Started Vote Out Process where Contestants have to name from each others' Team.

Tej from Rannvijay's Gang Divya from Neha Dhupia's Gang and Balraj from Karan Kundra's Gang Evicted from Show.

So Tej, Divya and Balraj Evicted from Roadies X4.

At the End of Episode it Was Surprise for all, Task Winner Prince Narula given a Clue card to read and journey followed by the Instruction in Clue Card.

Watch Video Snippets of MTV Roadies X4 Episode 11 on 30th April, Full Video will be Available here on Mentioned link. Stay Tuned to get to know about the Surprises, Twists, turns and eliminations in Renault MTV Roadies x4. Next Episode will be Aired Tomorrow on 1st May, Sunday 7 PM.

Watch Online - MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 11 of 30th April 2016 

 Enjoy MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 11 of 30th April on mentioned site. Stay Tuned to This Site for Roadies Season X4 Awesome Updates and news on the move.



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