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Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 12, 1st May Surprises

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Last Night it was Triple Vote Out when all three Gang Leaders Rannvijay Singh, Karan Kundra and Neha Dhupia lost their Strong Contestants. Roadies is not tough for only the contestants but its also going hard for the Gang Leaders. It Was Triple Elimination when Tej From Team Rannvijay Singha, Balraj from Team Karan and Divya from Team Neha evicted. Enjoy MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 12 with Video Written Updates.
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Episode Goes warm in between while Interaction with Contestants-Gang Leaders and Among the Gang Leaders. Show Host Gaelyn Mendonca announced about more Surprises. Winner Team Gang Leader Prince Narula Given Clue Card for the Instruction of Next Phase. Everything next will be Guided based on the Clue Card.

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 12 Video Written Updates (1st May)

What Clue Card has Written and Who are the Two New Entries in Roadies X4 and more on what happened next.

It was Written "Second Chance" on Clue Card. Show host Explained what really meant to it. It is Second Chance for One of the Contestant from Eliminated Names. Contestants will be selected by Winner Gang Leader Prince. All the 3 Contestants tried to convince Prince. It was long Conversation between Balraj and Gang leader regarding Show Reputation and Understandings.

Prince Finally Saved Divya (Team Neha Dhupia) and she got Second Fighting Chance. Tej and Balraj Evicted.

Watch MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 12 (1st May)

Next Day it was Message for Gang Leaders. Someone Came to meet them in Roadies. They are Roadies Battle Ground Winners Manasvi and Benafsa. Erlier it was Game for both Manasvi and Benafsa. They have to impress Gang Leader. After the Task Neha Voted for Benafsa, Rannvijay voted for Benafsa , Karan and Prince also voted for Benafsa. So Benafsa Entered to Roadies X4.

But it was also Second chance for the Manasvi. So Next Was the Survival Task between Manasvi and Divya. Winner Contestant gonna stay Safe and other have to go outside.

It was the Cube Confusion task for Divya and Manasvi. They Started both at the Same time and finally Divya Managed to Complete it faster and Secured her Place Back in Neha Dhupia's Gang.

Enjoy  Full Episode 12 of 1st May 2016.

Watch Online - MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 12 of 1st May 2016



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