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Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 8: 9th April

Posted by Romit Roy
Roadies X4 Journey from Bengal to Bhutan Started in Last Episode and Sushil Kumar left the Game because of his Olympic, Prince Narula Joined as Gang Leader to ride Sushil's Team. Now Its gonna be Tough Time for all the Roadies Contestants. Its Gonna be more Physical Tests among all and First Vote-Outs going to Happen on 9th April. Watch Full Episode 8 with Video Written Updates.

All the Gang Leaders Rannvijay Singha, Prince Narula, Karan Kundra and Neha Dhupia excited to win the show and make their Gang member as winner. So its gonna Be Power Packed Journey among Gang Leaders and Contestants as well. Roadies shifted from Two Wheeler to Four Wheeler which promises 4X more Drama, Stunts, Entertainment and more Throughout the Season.

Roadies X4 Episode 8 of 9th April 2016 (Video Written Updates)

In the last episode of Roadies X4 Karan’s team won the immunity and  today’s task was the last opportunity to win immunity before the first vote out of the season.

Ranvijay’s team performed extremely well in the immunity task today, Rubal represented Ranvijay’s gang solving the equation on the board faster than any other team. It helped his team to win the immunity for the whole team.

Roadies X4 Episode 8, 9th April: Neha’s Gang lost their first team member out from the show, one of the strongest contestant from Neha’s gang. The politics in the game just started today from the first vote out. Neva get’s emotional after she lost her first gang member. Rohan from Neha’s gang was very confident about his safety during the vote out. On one hand his gang leader Neha was given a power to save one gang member from her gang.

Rohan made confession that he had made enough connection in the show and will remain safe. But due to the connection he made with other gang members, giving them high priority on the show created negative atmosphere on the show. Whereas, Rohan also confessed he didn’t mean to choose others above his gang member.

Rohan’s connection left him in trouble on the show and fitted him hard. Neva’s gang would definitely feel weak loosing strong contestant from the gang, but it is expected that they will be fighting back strong on the Roadies X4 show.

Hifsa was almost voted out from the show but somehow she managed to stay in the show. The vote out was very closed while Rohon got 8 votes and Hifsa got 6 vote. Hifsa will need immunity on coming days because it is a negative sign for her.

Mark one Line by Show Host, "Roadies Me Kabhi Bhi, Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hain". Enjoy MTV Roadies x4 Full Episode 8 of 9th April. Cheers !!



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