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Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 9, 16th April

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Renault MTV Roadies X4 Journey Kick Started from last two weeks and now its time for one more Power Packed Episode of Roadies Kabaddi among the Contestants. In Last Episode 8 we have seen the Contestants tried their best to solve the math equations and now its time for the one more power packed test for all of them. Read Full Episode Video Written updates below.

In Last Episode 8 First Vote out happened in Roadies X4 and Neha Dhupia's Gang Contestant Rohan Pillai evicted from the show. Again all the Fit contestants from Gangs of Ranvijay, Karan, Prince and Neha all set to compete with each other. Its gonna be Super Thrilled Blind fold Kabaddi related Task. Last time we saw a kabaddi task was in season 4, the blindfold kabaddi.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 9 (Video Written Updates)

Roadies X4 Episode 9 of 16th April Started with the Kabaddi Game among the Group of Contestants in Each Gang Riders' Team. Attacker Team goes to opponent and give slap on one of the Player's Face. It was not Pre Decided to gonna give slap to whom. The one who slaps have to be Caught by Opponent Team to won the Game.

Rannvijay and Neha Dhupia's Gang leads the Game and their Contestants completed Kabaddi Competition very well and won the game. Now Karan and Prince's Team were into Danger zone.

Now Next Task was for the Karan and Prince's Team. It Was Task of Puchka (Pani Puri or Pakoda). Show Host Announced whoever won the Game gonna be stay Immune. To make Their Team contestants immune Karan Kundra Started First with their Gang.

In Puchka Task Gang Leader Ride the Renault Car and their one of the contestant tied to car and run alongside with car. Meanwhile at Start Contestant have to Take a Big Sip of Puchka Water and have to collect on the mentioned other side. It was difficult for contestant to hold the Paani in Mouth throughout the Completion of Task. Karan's Team Contestant Gaurav Started and did it really well. It is Time based game and Now its Turn for Prince's Team.

Its Gonna be Double Vote-Out for the next Episode of Roadies X4.

Stay Tuned to Catch What's Going to Happen with Prince's Team and Who gonna complete it Faster. The one team who complete it very fast gonna stay immune.

Enjoy the Full Video of Roadies X4 Episode 9 when all Gang Riders had tough Time in Ground. Full Episode of 16th April 2016.


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