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MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 18, 22nd May Elimination, Twists

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Most Power Packed Television reality show MTV Roadies X4 now has the new Turn with lots of Drama, Emotions and Entertainment. It was the tough time for the Contestants as they had Amazing Dance, Fun Performances to stay immune. Neha Dhupia marked as Immune. Now its Time for the Elimination in the MTV Roadies X4 Episode 18 of 22nd May when its going to be Vote Out Process Again.
x4 gang
Roadies X4 Gang Riders
Show Host Gaelyn Mendonca revealed about the Twists of the next Elimination. It was The Survival Task among the Selected Roadies Contestants Yogesh from Team Prince, Karishma from Team Rannvijay and Shivangi from Team Karan Kundra. Karishma (Team Rannvijay) won the Task and marked as immune.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 18 Video Written Updates

Now the Show host discloses the MTV Roadies X4 Twist. The eliminated Roadies will now nominate a Roadie from their gang for the vote out! It would be Interesting to see who Gets Eliminates after the Lots of Conversation and Discussion in Roadies Vote Out of 22nd May.

Karishma recived Immunity on last day show she has the Power to nominate the one from Her Gang for the Vote Out. She named Hifsa for the Vote Out Process. Shivangi and Yogesh from Last day survival task failed and they were unsafe already. So it was Vote Out Process among the three Shivangi (Team Karan), Yogesh (Team Prince) and Hifsa (Team Rannvijay)

Vote Out Among 3 - Shivangi , Yogesh and Hifsa

Yogesh received maximum vote out requests and Eliminated from Show. Hats of to the Yogesh as he Nominated himself for Survival task and did sacrifice for his Team. Prince was Proud of his team and more attached with Yogesh. Yogesh won Heart of All the Gang Leaders and whole World as he is Unique who played for His team. It was really heart melting moments with Yogesh and whole team.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 18 Elimination on 22nd May - Yogesh (Team Prince) eliminated

Yogesh (Team Prince) Eliminated from Show

Next was the MTV Roadies X4 Task Time to stay Immune. It was Power Packed Thriller game among all the Four Teams. Prince Team won the Task and marked Team as Immune Safe.

Who Won Immunity Task ? - 

AMAZING! Simply amazing job by Navi! And with that Prince's gang has won won the immunity!

Later it was the Time based betting between unsafe Team of Rannvijay, Karan and Neha. Karan Stated to took challenge to complete the Task in 2 minutes 20 Seconds. Gaurav Started to complete the task.

Gaurav's finally finished the challenge! All thanks to the four gang members coming together to help him out!

Watch the Video Glimpse of the Episode. Full Episode 18 of MTV Roadies X4 available here on Voot. Don't Miss Roadies X4 Every Saturday-Sunday 7 PM on MTV India.



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