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Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 19, Tasks, 28th May

Posted by Romit Roy
Renault Duster MTV Roadies X4 journey going Epic with full of Drama, Entertainment and Solid Stunts among the Contestants in Team Prince, Rannvijay, Neha and Karan Kunrda. In MTV Roadies X4 Episode 19 its gonna be Rescue Operation Task among the Gang Leaders and their team members. It was Surprise Come back of Voted Out (Eliminated) Contestants. Read MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 19 of 28th May Written updates.


In Last Episode 18 We have seen Yogesh from Team Prince Narula Evicted and proven that how he was playing for Team and makes Biggest Sacrifice. Now its Going to be the Power Packed Epic Task between the Contestants of Teams.

Now its Going to be the More interesting, Power packed task among the unsafe team to get the Immunity. Everyone in team trying their best to secure place as Safe.  Also it was the Fight into the Contestants and it sets show on fire.

Watch the gang members prove their mettle with the Renault Duster Rescue Operation Task and a whole lot of drama and gossip before the vote out! Not to forget the vote out twist and a special surprise for the Roadies as some old friends (or foes?) make a comeback!

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 19, 28th May (Video Written Updates)

Karan Kundra has to choose one gang member who will go home tonight? Who do you think he will choose? :o

Karan chose Shivangi! Looks like this "genius" is gonna have another farewell for her! :(

So, Shivangi Eliminated from Show

survival task is happening at Punakha Dzong, one of the biggest rivers in Bhutan! It's gonna be an EPIC one

Rannvijay and Neha's Team started the Task.

Rannvijay's Gang Won the Rescue Operation Task. So Rannvijay's Gang Was Safe and has the power to Immune one. Rannvijay Saved Rubal.

It was Vote Out among the Unsafe Teams Rannvijay and Neha Dhupia.

Now its Time for Double Vote Out. It was Lots of Words War Fight among the Rubal and Karishma for the Vote Out.

Rubal has to Select one from Karishma and Hifsa for Nominations. Rubal Named Hifsa for the Vote Out Nomination.

Anseela nominated Satish. Satish Nominated Anseela. Divya Saved Anseela.

Anseela and Hifsa was the Unsafe Contestants.

Now Power to Eliminated the one is all on Safe Team (Karan-Prince) Hands.

Anseela Received maximum Vote Out Requests and Eliminated from Show.

Anseela Evicted from Roadies X4. It was Really heart melting journey at the end of the Episode.

Bharti Singh from Prince Gang gets Surprised entry back into the show and it creates the Roadies X4 Journey more Interesting when Real Fight and Words war among the Team members Starts.

Tune in to Renault MTV Roadies on Saturday and Sunday at 7PM to watch the action unfold!

Here is the Video Snippet of MTV Roadies X4 Episode 19, Full Episode will be Updated here on Voot. Don't Miss Roadies X4 Every Saturday-Sunday 7 PM.



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