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Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 13. 7th May Tasks

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In Last Episode of MTV Roadies X4 We have seen Tej and Balraj from Team Rannvijay and Team Karan evicted. Later two new Entries Benafsa and Manasvi, who got direct entry in Roadies from Battle Ground entered to the show. Benafsa impressed more and managed to secure her place into villa. Watch  MTV Roadies x4 Full Episode 13 with video written updates.
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Later Other Contestant 'Manasvi' has to face the Challenge with unsafe contestant Divya who got second chance as Surprise. Now they both performed Roadies Maze cube task. Finally Divya managed to complete the task faster and got re entry into Neha's Gang. Now Roadies Gang moved to Bhutan for further Tasks and more to explore in Roadies x4 Season.

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 13 (7th May 2016) Video Written Updates

Show Host Gaelyn Mendonca introduced about new Task "Bhutani Wrestling" where contestants have to give their best to stay immune from further vote out.

Contestants from all the Teams had Pillow Fight at the Certain Height from the Ground. It was Game between (Team Karan-Neha) and (Team Prince-Rannvijay). Contestants have to hit on each others face and meanwhile they have to balance themselves at Certain Height. Two Member's from each other's team came one by one for Pillow fight and Proved better.

Battle Ground entrant Winner Benafsha picks Karan's team! Gaelyn explains the rules of the pillow fight! Contestant from both the Teams (Team Karan-Neha) and (Team Prince-Rannvijay) arrived to face the tough Task.

Gaurav and Rubal - Gaurav has taken the lead! Rubal gets hit multiple times. Rubal lost the task.
Divya and Anamika - Divya gets whacked pretty badly. It was game between EPIC between Divya and Anamika! Divya falls.
Satish and Yogesh - Satish is putting up a great fight against Yogesh! Yogesh Wins. Later Benafsha played against Karishma!
Benafsha and Karishma - Karishma loses steam and her balance! :O
Ocean and Navdeesh performed up next. Ocean loses! :O

Rannvijay and Prince's gangs are only 1 step closer to immunity!

Rannvijay Singh and Prince impressed with the work and Thrill of Roadies X4 Contestants.

Watch Video Snippet. Full Episode 13 of 7th May will be Updated here.

Watch Online - MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 13 of 7th May 2016



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