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Watch Online MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 14, 8th May Eliminations

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In Last Episode of MTV Roadies X4 we have seen all the Roadies X4 team moved to Bhutan and had amazing time in First Task where contestants have to do Pillow Fight. They compete with each other and finally Team Prince-Rannvijay together won the task and Stayed Immune from the Elimination (Vote-Out).

roadies x4 wrestling

Now its going to be the Bhutani Wrestling between the Team Karan Kundra and Team Neha Dhupia. Based on the Tasks results both the team have to face the Elimination or next vote out process. Who gets eliminates from the show and who secure place longer into the Roadies x4 would be interesting to see for all of us.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 14 Video Written Updates - 

Last Time Gang (Prince-Rannvijay) who won the game are Now Against each other. It was Tough Competition between the Rannvijay and Prince Gang. Contestants have to fight in wrestling pit. All the contestants given the Bhutanis wrestling.

It was Edge of Seat Thriller Power Packed Wrestling Fight between Rubal (Team Rannvijay) and Yogesh (Team Prince). They have to Capture their laughing face while the task. However Yogesh faced Several Penalties because of Several Mistakes he did. Host announced Results.

Yogesh - Registered 4 Photos
Rubal - Registered 1 Photo

Because of 6 Penalties Yogesh came down at the -2 and Rubal Stayed at one So Team Rannvijay Won the Task. Later It was the Vote Out from the Team Karan-Neha and Prince.

Vote outs - Sunny, Kavya and Ocean are the Three contestants voted out maximum have to Go Home

Later Show Host Disclosed Biggest Surprise as Only one going to Go Home Tonight. It was Further Vote Out Process among the Three Sorted Out Contestants. Finally Sunny Received Maximum 6 Votes and Gets Eliminated.

It was the Toughest Vote Out process for the contestants and everyone wants to stay long into villa. It was very touchy and emotion time in Roadies x4 Episode 14 when sunny evicted from show.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 14 (8th May Elimination) - Sunny  Eliminated From Roadies X4

Watch MTV Roadies X4 Episode 14 of 8th May here.



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