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Watch Online MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 15, 14th May

Posted by Romit Roy
In Last Episode of MTV Roadies X4 we have seen the Sunny From Prince Gang Eliminated from the show. Now Again its time for the Immunity task for the Gang Leaders as well as the Team Members. MTV Roadies X4 Team Gang Leaders Prince, Rannvijay, Karan, Neha have to Perform Immunity tasks along with the Contestants. Watch MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 15 with video written updates.

MTV Roadies X4 Gang Leaders will compete along side with the Contestants. It was Task of Cockroaches when Team leaders and members have to face the fear of it and have complete the task. Later it was Immunity task to collect water from near by river.

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 15, Video Written Updates (14th May):

Show Host explained everyone about the Immunity task. It was Task for all the Teams of Prince, Rannvijay, Neha and Karan. It is Game into Four Phase. All the Four Team Contestants have to collect water into bamboo Skirt Given to them. Collected water will be given to the next member's bucket. That person who collects water into bucket have to deliver it to another members' Bucket. Later have to Pass it through the Long Bamboo wood. Later Fourth Member of the Gang have to Throw the water over to the Send Board to Crack the Hindi Message written over it.

Show host disclosed that Gang Leaders also going to Perform the task along with their team members. One who Stands First will get the Immunity. Second Team will get Benefit to save Two Contestants from Team. Team which stands Third will get the Benefit to save one from their team. It was difficult for members to Decode the Dialogue from the message give on board.

All the contestants Started. It was Entertainer and Thriller Task of Immunity. Kavya from Team Karan leave the show because of Injury. Karan Kundra Gang won Immunity and marked themselves as SAFE. Shivangi is Back in Karan's Gang.

Show host disclosed about the Survival task. Rannvijay, Prince and Neha came to perform the task. Host asked 15 questions to everyone. One who gives wrong answer have to face the painful task. It was Cockroaches Breakfast task. Yeah, Cockroaches putted in pipe. Two have to set against each other. They have to blow Air from Mouth and forces Cockroaches on another side.

Gaelyn Mendonca later comes up with the Results.

Rannvijay Singha's Gang -2
Prince Narula's Gang - 0
Neha Dhupia's Gang - 3

Stay Tuned for MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 15. Have a look at Sneak Peek Video of 14th May 2016 Episode when roadies Started as real Game of Emotions, Love, Action and Game Plans. Based on the Immunity Task it was Vote Out Process. Show Host Also Announced that Eliminated one take one more non-immune contestant to home.

Watch MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 15 of 14th May Here on Voot. Stay Tuned for Awesome Powerpacked Episode with video Written Updates.



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