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Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 17 of 21st May

Posted by Romit Roy
In Last Episode of MTV Roadies X4, we have seen the Toughest vote out and at the end Two Gang Members evicted on the same day. It was Double Vote out and  Ocean (Team Neha Dhupia), Tarasha (Team Rannvijay) evicted from the show. Now The gang members are heading to Thimpu for a fantastic dance faceoff challenge along with their gang leaders and another vote out twist is on its way! Watch Full Episode 17 of 21st May with video written updates. Rannvijay, Neha, Karan and Prince also had gala time together and Fun Like Never Before.

All the Contestants are called to the Ground for Next Tasks of Entertainemnt and Fun with all together. All have to Perform in front of Thimpu people.

MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 17 Video Written Updates (21st May 2016)

Contestants Started Practicing the Dances with Gang Leaders and Team Members. all Started with full of Energy to Win the Task. Public are the Judges for the Performers. Neha Dhupia and Gang Started their Dance moves. It was all about to Entertain the Audiences. Next Karan, Rannvijay and Prince Gang shown their Entertainer Tasks.

It was Lots of Fun, Entertainment, Drama on the Dance Floor. Contestants and Gang leaders had Amazing Dance Performances. It was sizzling hot Chikni Chameli Dance by Benafsa. Contestants rocked the Dance Floor and Later it was Announcement of the Unsafe Contestants After the Entertainer Tasks.

Later results Announced: Neha Dhupia Gang got Immunity as they won task.

Now it was the Twists as Gang Members have to find out the One strong contestant from their team who agreed to survive in task.  Yogesh from Team Prince, Karishma from Team Rannvijay and Shivangi from Team Karan Kundra decided to face the Survival Task.

Show host disclosed that One who longer stand from the three will win the Task and has the Power to win. On the other side Remaining team members have to convince their team member who are doing survival task to come out from the House First. Yogesh Came out First. It was task to stand longer into the Ice cube bucket.

Show Host Announced that Karishma (Team Rannvijay) won the Task.

Roadies X4 Host Gaelyn Mendonca Announced about the Internal Vote Out Process. Contestants have to nominate one from their Own Gang for the vote out. Again it was Serious Discussion among the Gang Leaders and the Contestants.

Watch 21st May, MTV Roadies X4 Episode 17 Video on YouTube

Tune in to Renault MTV Roadies X4 at 7 PM on Saturday and Sunday to find out what happens! You Can Enjoy MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 17 Here on Voot.

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