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Watch Online: MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 20, Fights, 29th May

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Renault MTV Roadies X4 Last episode was super exciting as Rannvijay and Neha's Gang did power packed tasks and Later it was the Elimination Vote Out Process. Last day two Contestants Anseela and Shivangi Evicted from the show. Watch MTV Roadies X4 Episode 20 Video written updates on 29th May.

Now Again Its Solid Task in the Battleground when Contestants will have Power packed Fight. More interestingly Few Contestants gets Wild Card Entry back into the show. Gang Members having the lots of Pressure during task and they are trying best to Secure their Spot longer into the Show.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 20 Video Written Updates (29th May 2016)

Strong Contender Rohan, Balraj, Bharti Singh and Tarahsa are Back into Roadies. They makes Wild card entry back into the show and which in turns the show wild. Real Fights Stars regarding the past Vote Out and Eliminations Game Plans.

It was challenging task between the Wild card contestants and Existing contestants. The one who loses gonna go home tonight.

Rohan challenges satish
Bharti challenges anamika
Tarasha challenges hifsa
Balraj challenges Saad

Satish Performed really Solid and Won the Task. Rohan Again Eliminated because he Lost game. Balraj won the Task and Saad Lots it. Saad Eliminated and Wild card entrant Balraj back with his gang. Anamika performed good and Back to her position. Bharti Singh Again Eliminated. Tarasha Performed Strong and Won. She is back in Gang and Hifsa Eliminated from show.

So Existing contestants Saad and Hifsa evicted and Wild Card entrant Balraj and Tarasha are gets back into the show. Karan was the very emotional because of the elimination of Saad.

Next was the Archery Task for the Contestants in each Gang. It was Gang Immunity task. Gang Leaders and Contestants started to get immune first. Rannvijay's Gang is Safe and Other Three Gangs have tough time to win the Immunity.

Have a Look at the Roadies X4 Episode 20 Glimpse Videos. Don't Miss MTV Roadies X4 Every Saturday, Sunday 7 PM.



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