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MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 23, Not 24: Watch Online, 12th June 2016

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Make Sure that Its Not the MTV Roadies X4 Episode 24, Its Episode 23 Officially. Last Day it was the Grand Start of MTV Splitsvilla 9 and Now here is the time for the Power Packed Weekend Episode of MTV Roadies x4 where its gonna be more Power Packed Journey when Contestants heads up for the Semi Finale Episode. Watch MTV Roadies X4 Episode 23 Full Video Written updates.

Neha Dhupia and Tough Decisions in Roadies X4, She is Crying
In Last Episode we have seen the Elimination of Two Strong Contestants Rubal-Tarasha from Team Rannvijay Singh singha and now its time for the yet another Power Packed Episode when Eliminated Contestants gonna get Second Chance to get into the Semi Finale. All the Four Team Rannvijay, Prince, Karan and Neha Dhupia all set to prove strong for Semi Finale.

MTV Roadies X4 Episode 23 Video Written Updates (12th June 2016)

It was the Tough time for the Neha Dhupia to announce who going to home from Navdeesh and Satish. Finally host disclosed Vote Out Process by the Gang Leaders. Prince Selected Satish, Rannvijay selected Navdeesh, Neha Selected Both and Karan Selected Navdeesh. So As per the Maximum Votes Navdeesh saved and Satish Eliminated.

Just Like his Auditions Satish once Again shown his Passion of Real Roadies. It was really emotionl moments for all. Later Show host call back the Ex Roadies. Satish Surprisingly Joined the Ex Roadies.

It was the Rafting task for all. Contestants have to do Rafting from Point A to B and have to do Mountain Climbing to reach at Point C. Later they have to unlock the way by Solving the Hike Message Equation from Host Gaelyn. It was the Interesting and Thriller Adventurous task. Contestants have to complete task very fast to win.

Balraj (Team Karan Kundra) Started First - Completed very Faster
Anamika (Prince Narula Team) Came Second - Stunk in Water  - Finally comes out . Took more time to complete the task.
Divya (Team Neha Dhupia) Came Third - She Stuck in water while rafting and also took time while Mountain Climbing. She took even more time to complete it.  She was nervous and started crying.
Karishma (Team Rannvijay) Came Fourth - Karishma Started Very Fast compared to Divya and Anamika but lost her Balance Fall down into the River while Rafting and started drowning . Ultimate real Roadie Rannvijay Singha Saved her. She Finally lost.
Navdeesh (Gang Prince Narula) came Fifth - He started like Professional rafter and took less time to compete the Task.

Tej and Rannvijay Saved Karishma so, Everyone saluted Real Roadies.

River Rafting, Mountain Climbing Semi - Finale Task Results -

Balraj - took 7 minutes 53 Seconds time
Anamika - 10 minutes 6 Seconds time
Divya - 11 minutes 20 Seconds time

Navdeesh - 7 Minutes 34 Seconds time

Balraj and Navdeesh completed Faster and Secured their Place in Finale.

Semi Finalist Divya and Anamika, Eliminated and Joined the Ex-Roadies Gang.

Show Host Gaelyn Disclosed that one of the Ex-Roadies Gonna get Second Chance in Roadies X4.
Episode End.

Another Video shows Karishma drowning while River Rafting Task and Rannvijay Saved her. It was really breathtaking time. Watch Video.
Neha's having a tough time deciding! (She is Crying)
Balraj is pumped up about the semi-finals task!

Roadies X4 Grand Finale Going to be more Power Packed and Thriller like Never before. How Do you liked this Season, let us know. Watch MTV Roadies X4 Full Episode 23 with video written updates on Voot.

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