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9th July: MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 7, Nikhil-Karan Fights, Task, Eliminations

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In Last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 it was the Power Packed Task among the unsafe girls and Finally Niharika Eliminated. Later new Wild Card Contestant Shreeradhe Khanduja gets direct entry into the villa. Later it was the Dumping Ground where Anuranjan Eliminated. Now Here is the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 7, 9th July 2016 Video Written Updates.


New Princess Shree Radhe has Power. She can bring the one of the Eliminated boy back into villa. It was also a Task of Honey and Corn among Boys and Girls. Later in Dumping Ground Rannvijay announced that, there will be Dumping of 4 boys !!

Later it was the never seen before Solid Fight between to Strong Contestants Karan Khanna and Nikhil Sachdeva. Things get heated this week with the new princess in the villa. The boys express their anger for each other in the dumping ground and Sunny gives them a piece of her mind. Tune in at 7 PM this Saturday to find out what happens!

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 7 Video Written Updates (9th July 2016)

  • Karan Chhabra is back by the Power of Shreeradhe, Queen Martina was not Happy for it
  • Next was the Task, 1 Honey 2 Corney
  • Winner Gonna get the Golden Bracelet
  • First Archie-Shreeradhe Performed
  • Next Mayuri-Karan Khanna Performed task
  • Next was Gurmeet-Kavya-Varun
  • Next was Isha-Nick-Abhishek
  • Later It was the Dumping Ground Time
  • Mayuri feeling that Karan Khanna broke her Heart by making connection with Shreeradhe
  • Karan Khanna feels Nick did all that and told Mayuri in wrong way
  • It was Solid Fight between Nikhil, Karan Khanna and Karan Chaabra
  • Akhil, Archie, Karan Chabra, Karan Khanna Dumped by Queen Martina Power
  • Sunny gives the boys a piece of her mind for behaving so badly!
  • Book of Fortune Again Opend
  • As per Book of Fortune, Girls Who has Golden Bracelet can save the one
  • Shree saved Karan Chabra
  • Kavya saved Archi
  • Isha Saved Karan Khanna
  • Akhil Eliminated from Splitsvilla 9

Enjoy the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Video Glimpse with Full Episode Written Updates. Tune in to Voot for Full Episode 7 of 9th July 2016.



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