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MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 10 of 30th July 2016, Nick Fights with Rajnandini

Posted by Romit Roy
In Last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 we have seen two new Wild Card Princesses Mia Lakra and Priya entered to the villa. Here is the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 10 Video Written Updates. See what happened on 30th July 2016 episode.


Nikhil Sachdeva Fights with Rajnandini and Raj turned Evil Queen on her Queen's Throne. She is Evil Queen and had no mercy, she confirmed. Moreover, Rajnandini and Martina both are the Queen and they both fight a lot as Raj has done cruel for everything. Evil Queen Rajnandini broke many connections in villa as some of them Have to leave Villa. First Queen Martina thinks Rajnandini taking wrong Advantage of her Throne.

Rajnandini Playing Evil Queen Along side with Martina. Yeah our second First queen Martina and Second Queen Raj are two distinct Characters of Villa. The merciless evil queen Rajnandini disrupt everything the Splitsvillans have worked hard for! Look how Contestants are Having emotional time.

Rajnandini teall Kavya to Plead in front of her and Martina got angry to her as she is not Behaving like the Good Queen. It was Solid Words War fight between Nick and Queen Rajnandini. Show host Rannvijay warned Nikhil for his behavior with Rajnandini.

Tune in at 7PM on Saturday to watch a nail-biting episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 10 (30th July 2016) Video Written Updates

  • All the Boys-Girls and Show ruling Queen Gathered in Villa
  • It was Lots of Emotional Hearth braking on Villa.
  • It was Power on Both the Queens' hand to Eliminate 1-1 boy
  • Martina Evicted Aditya
  • Aditya Singh Rajput Eliminated from Splitsvilla 9
  • Rajnandini Turned Evil Queen
  • She Try to broke Co-Queen's Connection
  • She Evicted Varun but later Martina took help of Book of Fortune
  • As per the book she has to leave the Queen's Throne to Save her Connection Varun Sood
  • Martina leaves Queen Throne to Save Varun Sood
  • Martina Showcased True Love
  • Now Rajnandini is the only Queen who is ruling the Game.



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