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MTV Splitsvilla 9 1st October 2016 Tasks, Elimination, Finalists revealed

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In the Last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 It was Last Dumping Ground and Splitsvilla 9 book opened for the very last time. But at the end Book of Fortune Turned everything Upside Down and made the Happy Ending. Book re-connected the Both the Queens Connection and on the other side other Splitsvilla Contestants making their Entry back.

varun martina

In the MTV Splitsvilla 9 1st October Episode you are going to see the Power Packed Task among the  x-Splitsvilla 9 contestants to get into the finale. Finalists names to be revealed on the day. There will be Grand Finale among the Selected Finalists Queens and their Warrior.

It's Going to be the Power Packed Game of Throne among the villa to get the Queen's Throne. Splitsvilla 9 has two Queens already sent out to the Grand Finale by the Book of Fortune. Yeah Evil Queen Rajnandini and Kavya Khurana are the First two Finalists Queens and one more queen will join them in Finale.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 1st October 2016 Tasks, Elimination, Finalists Contestants

  • X-Splitsvillans Back in Villa.
  • Again Fight Started with All the Splitsvillans
  • This is Final time all the Contestants sent out to Villa
  • Splitsvilla 9 Fight Gone Wild Like never before.
  • Nick and Ayaan are at loggerheads again! :-|
  • It was Task among the Contestants
  • Solid Competition between Martina and Mia
  • Finally Martina Won the Taks
  • Martina is the 3rd Finalist Queen of Splitsvilla 9
Latest News - Rajnandini, Kavya Khurana and Martina are the Finalists Queens with their Respective Warriors Archie, Gurmeet and Varun Sood.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Queens - Rajnandini, Kavya Khurana, Martina

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Finalists Contestants -

Queen Kavya Khuarana and Warrior Gurmeet
Queen Rajnandini and Warrior Archie
Queen Martina and Warrior Varun Sood

Rajnandini has the Connection with Archie and Kavya Khurana has the Connection with Gurmeet. It's Going to be Amazing Battle among the contestants to win the Title as MTV Splitsvilla 9 Queen and Warrior.

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