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MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17 of 17th September 2016, Tasks, Fights

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In the Last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 we have seen the Ayaan, Archie and Priya Haridas eliminated from the show and Both the Queens Rajnandini and Kavya Khurana gets direct Entry into the Grand Finale. Here is the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17 of 17th September 2016 Updates.

Karan just express his love for Shreeradhe
In the Last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 the Queen Rajnandini's connection Archie Dumped by the Kavya Khurana and now Evil queen Rajnandini turned more angry to the Kavya Khurana

It was also the Task among the Boys and Girls to get into the Finale. Here is the Video Sneak Peeks of the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17 of 17th September 2016 (Tasks, Fights)

  • It Started with Bajate Raho Session
  • #UhOh Looks like Shreeradhe is the first target! :-|
  • Mia gets made fun of for her accent! :P
  • Gurmeet professes his love for Kavya in front of all the Splitsvillans <3
  • Shree chooses to give Martina the disadvantage in today's task!
  • Gurmeet gets left behind and goes into the dumping zone directly!
  • Its task for the Girls contestants to stay Safe from next Dumping Ground
  • The Queen Who Wins will be Safe from Last (next) Dumping Ground
  • Queens Started the Task to Complete it faster to remain safe
  • Martina, Shreeradhe, Esha and Mia started their task
  • They all four are one step close to face-off the queens kavya khurana and Rajnandini
  • Nikhil and Mia won the Task and make it to the Safe Zone
  • Mia and Nick are Safe from next Dumping Ground

In the Upcoming Episode you will see Rajnandini taking revenge to Kavya Khurana. Kavya dumped Raj's connection Archie and now it's time for Kavya Khurana to face the same. Kavya Appeared begging in front of Raj to save her connection Gurmeet.

On the Other side MTV Splitsvilla 9 X Contestants getting entry back with some surprises.

Now there will be a Epic Finalist Hunt and Fans are curious to know who will be the next Finalist Queen who joins Kavya Khurana and Rajnandini. Keep Watching MTV Splitsvilla 9 every Saturday 7 PM on MTV India.

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